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Marc Fisher Entertainment
Way more than a soundtrack

Do you travel?
Yes, I travel anywhere you would like me to go . . . I love Mexico or Alaska!

Who is the actual DJ for my wedding?
Me, that’s right, I am the actual DJ for your wedding day!

I want to book you for my wedding. What is the next step?
Contact me to make sure your date is available. If it is, we’ll schedule a call and lock the date in. After that, all we need is a $100 deposit in pennies and you are booked!

Why don’t you list your prices for your wedding services?
Before we talk shop, I want you to get to know me as a person to make sure I am the right choice. A DJ can really make or break a wedding and you DO NOT want to book the wrong guy.

I have this crazy idea, can we do it?
Yes! I love stepping outside the lines and doing fun and unusual things.

Do you accept credit cards?
Nope, sorry. I only accept check, cash or really nice cars.

My friends and family love to dance but I’m usually too shy to get out there. Can you help?
This is my specialty. I will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. My goal is to leave you with a feeling that a good friend DJ’ed your wedding and helped you have the time of your life.

How much equipment do you bring?
As little as possible! My gear is very professional – no orange extension cords, silly flashy lights or DJ signs for me.

Are you insured?
Yes, I have both equipment insurance and a $1 million liability policy that I can provide to your wedding venue.

Where do you keep your music?
All of my music is stored on my computer. I always bring two with me just in case.

How many weddings do you DJ?
I typically do 30 weddings a year. Most importantly I will only do one wedding a weekend, this way I am completely prepared for your day and can focus solely on you.

Do you DJ same-sex ceremonies and weddings?
Yes! I’d love to be a part of any wedding.

Are you on Facebook?
Of course! Check us out here